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Nzema Nyamenle

Benze Me Ep/Album Highlights

2021 | 4 songs, 10 min

  1. Benzeme
  2. Nzema Dend3denle
  3. PahPahPah
  4. Botoso

4mula Energy I no go be koooonwo (#FixNzema #FixTheCountry)

I No Go Be KooownoNew Released

#FixNzema #FixTheCountry
Prod. By. Krative killers
2021 | 1 song, 4 mins

Available on:

4mula Energy

As a rapper I tried on all these hats, these voices, these clothes, and evidentually out came me.

from KingsbergTv Interview

BENZE ME EP is an album with no resolution, driven by what might be the boldest statements MC “Nzema Nyamenle” has ever made – the suggestion that he could, in spite of every dollar, every win, and all of his promise, still slip through our fingers and disappear.

In one year, that number multiplied by several million as my future toured the world of creativity. Every show opened with my songs until the surprise was sucked out of “Benze me.” The rest was the history.
4mula Energy

I'm a Rapper first and
a singer second

from TheBrand Interview
4mula Energy
4mula Energy
4mula Energy

2021 Event, GIgs and Tour dates

2 countries, 5 concerts
African Base Restaurant and Pub, Nevellenu - GH
Grand Opening of the venue "African Base Restaurant and Pub" and Easter Bash
African Base Restaurant and Pub, Nevellenu - GH
Birthday Concert and BENZE ME EP (album with no resolution!) Launch
Frambo, IC
5th Edition Metahon Festival | Frambo
Event Starts Fri, 20th - Sunday 22nd August
Vision Beach Resort, GH
Akwaaba Night Awards and Jams 20k1
4mula Energy

I love rapping in my language. It makes me feel good. It's like a release, especially when I'm rapping in Nzema.

from iTourNzema interview


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